Maximise Safety and Style in Every Stride with FX2

The FX2 range of safety footwear consists of five capable styles, all suited to general and some specialised work in agriculture, construction, glass manufacturing, janitorial services, mining, the motor industry, production lines, refineries, transport and waste disposal. The range comes standard with a number of technical features including a 200J steel toe cap, slip resistance and oil resistance. Aside…

The NEW REBEL Face Protection Range

Full Face Shield The full face shield offers excellent protection against potential contamination from body fluids, blood pathogens or harmful chemical splashes which commonly occur in medical and healthcare environments. It works as an effective defence splash guard also suitable for pesticide spraying, dental work protection and in laboratories. Suitable for most typical industrial risk applications….

Essential Wonder Grip Gloves

The Wonder Grip Aqua glove and OPTY glove are ideal substitutes for traditional latex and rubber gloves, each with their own superior qualities and specifications to protect wearers from chemicals and infection. The Wonder Grip Aqua glove is machine washable and can be re-used multiple times over and the Wonder Grip OPTY glove has superior…

Rubberised rainsuits for the Season

REBEL Safety Gear has added the Navy Reflective Rubberised Rain Suit to the rainwear range giving you more options than before. REBEL Safety Gear rainwear allows you to work comfortably and safely in wet conditions keeping out not only water, but wind chill too. The fully taped seams of the rain suit ensure it is 100% watertight and gives the rain…

Explore the new Chukka

Africa’s iconic traditional safety boot has been redesigned. The new design offers the latest international safety footwear features that provide better rigidity and torsion for superior comfort and support which reduces wearer fatigue. The Chukka range retains the exact same fit and feel that workers have come to know and trust from REBEL Safety footwear.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) technology now available in six styles

Anti-static (S1) shoes only offer a limited ability to allow charge to flow through them. ESD shoes have a sole that is more conductive, and thus offer a greater ability for charge to flow through the shoe. Look for the ESD icon which is displayed on the tongue or outside profile of each REBEL boot and shoe that features this technology.

Introducing the new Crazy Horse premium work boot colour options

THE CRAZY HORSE PREMIUM WORK BOOT NOW AVAILABLE IN BROWN, BLACK AND TAN The Crazy Horse premium chelsea boot forms part of the REBEL Platinum range of footwear offering the latest safety innovations in a range of stylish work boots and shoes that provide excellent comfort. Work hard, look good.