Search by attribute function

Allows you to specify a requirement(s), and then brings back all the boots or shoes which fulfil those requirements.

Summary of application guidelines

Specifies which boot or shoe is suitable for which industry.

Summary of features

An easy to read summary of our entire range, and each style’s attributes.

Find a Distributor function

Easier for guest users to contact you directly for any Rebel stock

Request a catalogue
  • You or your customers can request a catalogue on-line, and an email will be sent directly to you, with a link to download either the small catalogue, or the large catalogue.
  • This can be downloaded and saved or printed directly.
Youtube videos
  • Short videos (3 mins) about REBEL Safety Gear, our range of boots, factory footage, and a quick training video for you and your customers.
  • French and Portuguese versions are also available for your export customers.
  • View our YouTube page HERE.
Shoe sizing chart

Shows how to determine your correct shoe size

Care guidelines

Adhering our care guidelines and tips will ensure your REBEL Safety footwear last longer in more extreme conditions.


A. Only for Distributors

Contact us to be allocated your login ID and password.

B. Current stock levels for each style and size

Updated every night, no need to phone in for stock queries.

C. Updated pricing for each style

No need to phone in to query pricing

D. REBEL Media Centre, to assist you in creating your own marketing and email campaigns for your customers.
  • Spec sheets for each product
  • Images for each product
  • Other REBEL logos and media
E. Online ordering system
  • Ability to place your order online, should you so wish
  • Pricing is calculated automatically (including Broken Carton surcharge)
  • The order will be processed by our internal sales staff, and a confirmation sent to you
  • Payment will be as per normal account terms.