our guarantee

We will not refund any goods that have faults or damage as a result of incorrect or improper use or through normal and acceptable wear and tear.

If you bought a boot through one of our distributors, please return the defective boot to them, and they will handle it from there. If we grant a credit for the defective boots, then the distributor will be the one who refunds you.

Please refer to the Application Guidelines or the “Find Out What You Need” tab to help choose the most suitable safety footwear for you.

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Storing of Boots

Most safety footwear (including Rebel) has soles which are made from Poly-urethane (PU). PU has the right mix of abrasion resistance, lightness and cost effectiveness. However, PU is a chemical compound which can degrade over time if it is not used regularly, or if it is stored in a dark and / or humid environment without regular use. If your boots have sat unused for a long period of time (approx. three years) and then you start using them again, there is a high risk that the sole may disintegrate, which is known as hydrolysis. We cannot be held responsible for this disintegration if it results from long periods of storage.

Water Damage

If your boots are repeatedly exposed to water and mud, and they are not listed as water-resistant, they will eventually crack. We will view this as improper use, and will not replace any shoes which have become damaged as a result. If you polish your boots regularly, then the polish will protect against occasional – not regular – water exposure.

If you want a water-resistant boot, then refer to our “Find out What You Need” tab, and select the “Water Resistant” option.