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Technology Used

Across our different ranges of safety footwear we make use of various technologies which provide you with the required level of protection, quality and assurance you need in a safety shoe or boot.

To assist you in understanding what each of our technologies provide you with (alongside their related icons), we have given you an overview of each. For an even more in-depth understanding or explanation of any of the technologies used in our safety footwear, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Steel Toe Cap

All REBEL Safetygear toe caps are tested to an impact resistance of 200 Joules. This means that they can withstand a 20kg weight dropping from a height of one metre, or they can also withstand a 2,000kg mass rolling over the toe cap. They protect your feet from being crushed when it counts most. We have various toe caps, offering the same protection but in application-relevant alternatives:

  • A non-metallic, EN approved composite-carbon toe cap (extra-wide profile)
  • A wide profile, EN approved steel toe cap.
All our toe-caps are EN and SABS approved.

No Steel Toe Cap

Some REBEL Safetygear NST (No Steel Toe) or Soft Toe safety shoes and boots are application based workboots which still include a vast range of safety technologies, but where no steel toe cap is required.

Genuine Leather

REBEL Safetygear uses only the best quality genuine leather for our safety footwear. We use either full grain waxy leather, or Barton print leather and Nubuck leather, while some variants are water resistant.


REBEL Safetygear uses microfibre – a very fine synthetic yarn – in select products, since it cleans easily, it is breathable and it is cost effective. Microfibre offers excellent physical strength, and is lightweight and eco-friendly.

Shock Absorbent

REBEL Safetygear Shock Absorbent technology gives you the most comfortable feel underfoot during use. The use of our various Shock Absorbent technologies, as listed below, ensures complete comfort:

  • Soft, spongy polyurethane midsoles.
  • Cushioned REBEL Safetygear footbeds with anti-microbial properties.

Slip Resistant

REBEL boots and shoes are tested for slip resistance in accordance with both SABS 20345:2014 and ISO 20345:2011 standards. All of our safety boots and shoes are classified either as SRA, SRB or SRC:

  • RA - outsole tested on ceramic surfaces with soapy solutions.
  • SRB - outsole tested on steel surfaces with a glycerine solution.
  • SRC – outsole tested in accordance with both SRA and SRB.


REBEL Safetygear Antistatic technology allows any static build-up in your body or clothes to dissipate through the footbed and sole of the shoe, into the earth. This prevents the wearer from suffering uncomfortable static shocks, and is essential in work environments where sensitive electrical components are being used.

Heat Resistant Up To 300°C

REBEL Safetygear Heat Resistant technology offers you piece of mind in working environments where you need a safety workboot to protect you against the harshest temperature conditions. The Heat Resistant Outsoles can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C (degrees Centigrade) for up to 60 seconds.

Chemical Resistant

REBEL Safetygear Chemical Resistant technology makes use of full grain, high quality waxy cow leather, which is further treated to ensure both water resistance and chemical resistance. Additionally, the full nitrile sole is resistant to the harshest chemical conditions underfoot, keeping your feet safe from all angles.

Reflective Tape

REBEL Safetygear Reflective Tape gives you high visibility with your safety footwear, when it’s essential that you are noticed in work environments, or even on the way to work, when there is limited or low visibility.


REBEL Safetygear Anti-Penetration technology is available in variants across our range, where applicable. This protects your feet against sharp objects which might otherwise pierce the sole, ensuring your feet are always safe from injury. The available variants are:

  • Steel plate midsole protection.
  • Metal-free, zero penetration Kevlar mesh.

Water Resistant

REBEL Safetygear Water Resistant technology gives you peace of mind when working in wet environments. Keeping your feet dry allows you to focus on the task at hand, rather than dealing with safety concerns when your safety footwear and feet get soaked. We have two variants of Water Resistance for applicable products:

  • Hydroseal 100% waterproof lining.
  • S2 water resistant coating on the leather of the safety shoe.


REBEL Safetygear Welding protection stops sparks and other extremely hot and dangerous materials from getting into your safetyboot. This is done through the use of padded shields over the lacing system, thus ensuring that hot shards and welding debris cannot slip through the tongue of the shoe and come into contact with your foot.


REBEL Safetygear Non-Metallic safety footwear is essential in environments where metal detectors are used. The carbon plastic toe-caps, Kevlar, anti-penetration midsoles and plastic lace rings give the wearer full protection from environmental hazards, while the shoes will not set off metal detectors.

Oil Resistant

REBEL Safetygear’s Oil Resistant technology protects the outsoles from any damage in the event that they come into contact with oil.


REBEL Safetygear Zipper technology offers you a secure alternative to laces, where the boots require high ankle-support. We use quality zippers to ensure that boots can be put on quickly, and taken off quickly, especially in an emergency.

Cold Room

REBEL Safetygear Cold Room boots have full nitrile rubber soles which are resistant to -20°C (degrees Centigrade). The uppers are heavily padded to insulate the foot from cold environments, but we do suggest extra socks.


REBEL Safetygear Metatarsal boots protect the upper part of the foot (the metatarsal bones) from heavy falling objects. A normal steel toe-cap only protects the toe area, while a metatarsal boot protects the whole foot. We use a high-density carbon plastic shield which attaches to the boot.

Class 2 Chainsaw

REBEL Safetygear chainsaw boots offer Class2 Chainsaw protection. This is by means of a fine microfibre which is sewn inside the leather. If the microfibre comes into contact with a moving chainsaw blade, it quickly unravels and jams the chainsaw mechanism. Class 2 chainsaw protection means that it protects against chainsaws that are moving at 24 metres per second.

BOA Closure System

The award-winning, patented BOA Closure System is reinventing how shoes perform. BOA’s proprietary closure system of steel lace, nylon guides and mechanical reel was designed to address the long list of deficiencies found in traditional closures. Get a perfect fit with the simple turn of a knob, free of stretch, weight, and hassles of old-fashioned closures.