Metal-free isn't new, but it has needed long runs to justify the investment in new shoe moulds. REBEL's principle safety shoe and safety boot manufacturer, which is a major supplier to the top end of the European industrial market, has received sufficient demand to do just that.


The range offers fibre or composite material toecaps and mid-soles, as well as non-metallic eyelets.

The aim of metal-free safety footwear is to pass through security surveillance equipment without setting off alarms, and to allow easier scanning of workers for stolen goods (on the way out) or weapons (on the way in), without compromising its fundamental intention of protecting the foot.

"But there are other benefits, which are actually by products," Cooke says. "Metal-free boots don't interfere with electromagnetic equipment in any way, and they don't transmit heat or coldness." Also, unlike metal, they recover their shape after an impact, which means it's easier to get the foot out of the boot after an accident.

The safety boots and shoes were originally designed for use in mines, or other businesses where theft of small, high value items is a problem, but they are also ideal for high security areas where metal detectors are standard, such as at airports.

All non-metallic Safety Shoes and Safety Boots supplied by REBEL Safetygear meet or exceed the ISO 20345 – SI or SIP standards. Tel: (011) 663-2700, 
e-mail: [email protected]