So if you're looking for a range of safety footwear that can handle the heat, ThermoTrak is the answer. Every sole of the range of boots is heat resistant to up to 300°C, making the ThermoTrak the obvious choice in hostile conditions.

The REBEL ThermoTrak Range consists of:

  • ThermoTrak - Trakka Hi (Black)
  • ThermoTrak - Trakka Lo (Black)
  • ThermoTrak - Havoc (Black and Brown)
  • ThermoTrak - Jigga (Black)

Every aspect of the REBEL ThermoTrak footwear has been constructed for safety under the most extreme working conditions while providing maximum comfort and support to those that wear them.

ThermoTrak footwear are slip resistant, antistatic, shock absorbent and oil resistant. They also feature a wide-profile carbon steel toecap, crafted by Europe’s premier toecap manufacturer that protects your feet from up to 200 Joules of pressure.

All ThermoTrak Safety Shoes and Safety Boots supplied by REBEL Safetygear meet or exceed the EN - ISO 20345 standards.

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